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in translating and interpreting official documents, contracts such as purchasing/sales contracts, company foundations, powers of attorney, last wills, testamentary contracts, living wills, but also homepages, letters, etc.in the English and Spanish languages and vice versa.

I am authorized by the district court to certify theses documents translated by me so that they are valid in front of authorities and courts.

If your documents need to be recognized abroad, I will help you to get the necessary authentication of signatures, or APOSTILLA.

Furthermore, as a sworn-in interpreter, I am experienced in assignments in court proceedings, in the offices of notaries, lawyers, authorities in general, such as the Registry Office, police, etc. and medical doctors, for medical/psychological evaluations.

Available in the following regions:

Mannheim, Ludwigshafen, Karlsruhe, Frankenthal, Mainz, Mosbach, Bruchsal, Wiesbaden, Heidelberg, Weinheim, Alzey, Kaiserslautern, Rockenhausen, Pirmasens, Zweibrücken.

Translation Agency Grau

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