• About me

Gertrude Stenzel de Grau

Sworn translator and interpreter of the languages English, Spanish and German

Special field: Economy, law, personal documents, certificates, general texts

After having studied and worked in other European countries outside Germany for about 10 years, I started to prepare my translator’s examination at the private university ACAD in Stuttgart. Then I passed the State examination at the Supervisory School Authority in Karlsruhe.

Thereupon I was sworn in at the district court of Mannheim.

In 1988 I started my translation agency in Ludwigshafen/Rhine, Siebenpfeifferstr. 25. In addition I have another base in Hockenheim in order to serve a greater circle of clients.

Gertrud Stenzel de Grau

Translation Agency Grau

Siebenpfeifferstr. 25
67071 Ludwigshafen


fon: 0621 68590114
and 0171 192 66 89