• Working Hours

As I am working from two locations, it will be appropriate to give me a telephone call in order to make an appointment if you want to visit me.

You can call me at the number 0171 192 66 89.

You also can dial the fixed-line network 0621 68590114 from where the call is transferred to my mobile phone if I am not home.

If I am at an interpreter mission and thus, not reachable, I will call you back if my mobile phone registers your call.

As I am working many hours, you can reach me already in the morning from 07:00 o‘ clock onward until 21:00 hours in the evening.

Translation Agency Grau

Siebenpfeifferstr. 25
67071 Ludwigshafen


fon: 0621 68590114
and 0171 192 66 89